Taking the positives from GDPR

May 2018

As May 25th 2018 looms ever closer, many businesses are overriding their processes and re-seeking consent to communicate with their customers. My GDPR journey started late last year when I signed up for a course specifically designed for small market research businesses, provided by GDPR Advisors UK. The course adopts a self-guided approach but with the support of weekly conference calls and a closed Facebook group to raise any questions directly. This guidance provided the framework that was subsequently applied to the specific ways in which Insight Advantage operates, its software and cloud-based systems.

For many, the default stance is to grumble about GDPR, the resource it has devoured and inconvenience of change. However, to date, Insight Advantage has seen a number of positive outcomes.

  • It has and will no doubt continue to weed out research companies / research consultants / suppliers to the research industry that blatantly abuse personal data and can often taint the image of the market research industry
  • I am far from being an expert but it is always reassuring to ensure your own house is in order, review and improve processes. The changes that have been implemented may not be perfect however I will be reviewing on an ongoing basis
  • It has created business! Reconnecting with clients to inform that I will be destroying all personal data on past projects has prompted other discussions and lead to new work
  • Additionally, the Data Controller / Data Processor agreements being created are deepening the relationship Insight Advantage has with its clients
  • The GDPR process has forced me to review some of my web-based packages, reassess the market and source better tools and research toys
  • On a personal level, the process has prompted me to reassess which brands I really want to hear from. This is bad news for brand email lists but great news for my personal email inbox
  • The knowledge that I've accumulated over the last few months has also allowed me to advise two voluntary organisations on their GDPR actions. In turn, the interactions with different scenarios and classifications of personal data has added to my knowledge-base
  • I acknowledge that there are moments when I flirt with being a data geek persona and so I have actually enjoyed the GDPR process!

As guidance evolves and cases begin to set a precedent, I suspect that this list will change over the coming months so watch this space! I hope the GDPR process is going well where ever you are.